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Does Your Girl Does ANY Of These 7 Things? Sorry To Say...

1) If she likes to wear skimpy clothing, even in the winter.
If she frequently wears short shorts, even though it's freezing outside-- she might have ulterior motives. 
2) If she uses the winky emoji more than any other emoji.
If she uses the winky emoji a lot, she's probably very flirtatious. 
3) She wears leggings ALL the time!
Girls who constantly go out in leggings, like to show off what they have. Sometimes they show off too much.
4) She is always on her phone.
If your girl is constantly texting on her phone, she might be hiding something. Make a point to find out who she is texting.
5) She has a lot of unusual piercings.
Girls with piercings like to experiment and often like to break the rules. Be wary of girls that are constantly pushing the boundaries.
6) Her tattoo reads "Only God can judge me."
This tattoo might mean that she has done some questionable things in her past. It might also mean that she is not very receptive to criticism. 
7) She's obsessed with money.
Be careful is your girl is obsessed with money and very materialistic. She might not be dating you for the right reasons.
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