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30 Photos That Show The Hilarious Difference Between Men And Women.

Have you ever noticed that women have a very different behaviors compared to men? They have completely different reactions to things. Let's take a look at the photos below.
#1. The broken nail:
As if a little pain was not enough for her, she would now have to spare 1 hour from her busy schedule and pay $40 for her nail repairing. For men, it’s just a scratch that will fade without anyone noticing.
The broken nail:
#2. Interest in the car they drive:
As long as it looks beautiful, clean, and drives well, women don’t normally care much about which type of car they own.
Interest in the car they drive:
#3. Packing for a trip:
Packing causes stress to girls and women but the feeling of a holiday sounds very sweet, whereas for boys and men-- they're always on holiday.
Packing for a trip:
#4. Body image:
A girl always thinks she looks fat, even if she is slim, whereas boys think they look pretty muscular and attractive, even if they are chubby.
Body image:
#5. Getting a haircut:
He has completely new looks by spending just a few dollars, and she looks the same as before by spending at least $80 dollar in the parlor.
Getting a haircut:
#6. Wearing a t shirt only:
Just guess, who would get arrested, if seen like this in public?
Wearing a t shirt only:
#7. The hot woman:
Just compare the thoughts of men with women, and you’ll get your answer.
The hot woman:
#8. Fighting in the house:
After a bloody fight, one guy will save the other guy by pretending as if the fight never happened, whereas the case is entirely opposite in case of girls.
Fighting in the house:
#9. Hair styles:
He will have the same haircut all the time, whereas she specially gets hairsytle for every different occasion.
Hair styles:
#10. The choosing part:
Preferences of girls changes with time, whereas it stays the same for boys, if you know what I mean!
The choosing part:
#11. Reaction towards being loved:
A girl would melt by hearing her friend saying that she loves her, whereas when boys hear the same thing from a friend, they get curious, and thinks their friend is hitting on them.
Reaction towards being loved:
#12. Checking them out:
Girls check out men in secrecy and have control over their emotions, whereas the case is entirely the opposite for boys.
Checking them out:
#13. Obsessed with gaming:
Compared to girls, boys are pretty much obsessed with gaming and spend as much time on it as possible.
Obsessed with gaming:
#14. No face vs duck face:
While taking a picture, guys pretend to be normal, whereas girls can’t live without making a duck face for the picture.
No face vs duck face:
#15. Calling friends and hanging out:
Girls will spend the entire time admiring themselves, whereas boy will play video games, watch porn and eat snacks.
Calling friends and hanging out:
#16. At sports:
If a girl is hit by a ball, everyone gathers and shows concern for her, whereas if a boy gets hit by a ball, he becomes the victim of taunts by other people.
At sports:
#17. Wearing the same clothes:
If a boy see another guy wearing the same clothes, he is like, “the guy is a gentleman, just like me”, whereas if a girl sees another girl wearing the same cloths as her, she gets all mad.
Wearing the same clothes:
#18. Getting ready:
Girl spends 3 times more time compared to guy, in order to get ready.
Getting ready:
#19. Gay hitting on a straight guy vs lesbian hitting on a straight girl, see the difference?
Gay hitting on a straight guy vs lesbian hitting on a straight girl, see the difference?
#20. Clothes to wear:
Even a closet full of clothes is not sufficient for a girl, whereas a guy can spend the whole week with only 2 shirts.
Clothes to wear:
#21. Laptop:
A guy can explain each and every specification of his laptop, whereas a girl will, well you get the idea what I am trying to say!
#22. Coming for a visit:
A girl will spend her time doing make up, whereas the boys will start cleaning up the party mess.
Coming for a visit:
#23. Greeting each other, what they actually say? And what they really mean?
Greeting each other, what they actually say? And what they really mean?
#24. Age question:
Girls never tell their real age, whereas boys have no issues in telling their real age.
Age question:
#25. Fighting:
Boys becomes friends again after a fight, but girls fights seem to last forever.
#26. Comparison of advertisements for boys and girls.
Comparison of advertisements for boys and girls.
#27. Sports injury:
I think in reality it is entirely the opposite of what this picture says.
Sports injury:
#28. Clothes vs Games
Clothes vs Games
#29. Comparison of Prayers:
Comparison of Prayers:
#30. Group Pictures:
Group Pictures:
[Source: LifeBuzz]
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