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Here Is What A Woman's Sleeping Position Reveals About Her

We all have our own preference when it comes to sleeping positions.
What you may not realize, however, is that women gravitate towards certain sleeping positions because of their personality. 
Some women like the pencil position.
These women lie flat as a board as they sleep. These women tend to be quiet, but they're also self-assured.
Some women like to sleep wrapped around a pillow or blanket.
These woman sleep in a tight ball, all bundled up. These women tend to be very loyal and very trustworthy.
Some women like to sleep on their backs.
These women tend to be irritable people. The are also more prone to snoring, making for irritable partners!
This position is called the "Freefall" position.
In this position, a woman is spread out all over the bed, taking up plenty of space. These women tend to open and welcoming, perhaps to a fault.
Sleeping on the stomach is also common for women.
A woman who sleeps on her stomach tends to a needy, emotional person. They are nice women, but high-maintenance.
Many women like to sleep on their side.
Women who sleep like this tend to be very laid back and very trusting.
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