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When she awoke at 3 o’clock in the morning, she realized that something with her body no longer

A woman goes to bed in the evening on time. Tomorrow is an important day. That is why it is even more important that she has a good night sleep. But then it happens: In the middle of the night she wakes up, lies awake in her bed and finds no rest. Outside it is still dark, the alarm clock ticks and tells her that she still has 5 hours to sleep. She remembers the same time yesterday, as well the night before. Slowly, she is brought to despair.
This scenario should be known to many. Sometimes you feel as if you are no longer master of your own situation when you are affected by insomnia. It is unquestionable that enough sleep is important for health. One third of our lives we sleep, but that is no waste! On the contrary, our body recuperates in deep sleep, important building blocks are formed, which are indispensable for the maintenance and “repair” of our organs. In addition, healthy sleep slows the aging process. In the so-called dream phase (also referred to as REM phase), the mental recovery takes place.
Everyone has his inner clock. This changes in certain physical circumstances as well as with age. But how can insomnia happen? Why does the body decide to wake up at night at the same time and thus disturb this important recovery phase? In the end, the tissues are repaired, hormones are released, and the muscle growth is advanced, all in turn in its time. Different theories indicate that awakening in the middle of the night at a certain time is a sign of the body. The old Chinese practice of the “Feng Shui” reports that the body wants to inform the head about a particular organ or a state of mind when it regularly arouses it at a certain time. Not only at night, but also during the day, your inner clock can be an important guide for you. Read what happens in the individual time windows in your body:
While falling asleep
In the evening, when you fall asleep, if you have trouble falling asleep at all, the high adrenaline level in the blood is usually the fault. Adrenaline is the human stress and / or curse. If one suffers from falling asleep, the soul is often concerned with a decision-making or is faced with something incriminating.
Between 23:00 and 01:00 hours
The gall bladder produces bitter biliary fluid, which is needed for digestion. This fluid is often blamed for bad mood, but it is very important for the body. An awakening at this time suggests that the gall bladder is irritated. The traditional Chinese medicine associates the gall bladder with anxiety and resentment, so this may mean that something bites at one and possibly frightens one.
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