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Little Boy Cowers In Fear When His Mom Tries To Hit Him — But Watch What His Loyal Dog Does

Everybody needs someone in their life looking out for them. Some people believe in a guardian angel, an otherworldly presence that watches out for them in good times and bad. Others believe in something a little closer to earth.
For many people, dogs fill that spot of protector in their lives and in their hearts. They may not have wings, but that doesn’t mean your four-legged friend won’t always be there for you.
When this mother raised a hand against her cowering son, the boy’s two dogs immediately took action. They could not sit by and let their person suffer.
This mother would never really hurt her son, but she wanted to make sure that the boy’s dogs would always protect him from harm. With that in mind, she decided to put their loyalty to the test.
One night, while she and her son were watching TV with their two dogs, the mother removed her shoe and began to brandish it like a weapon while she yelled at her son. The dogs jumped up, startled by the disturbance.
Her son was happy to play along. He screamed in mock fear and cowered in the corner as his mother continued to yell and threaten him with her shoe. The dogs were curious, but when she actually mimed hitting her son, everything changed.
See exactly what these fierce protectors did for their little human!
The loyalty and protective nature of even the sweetest dogs should never be underestimated, and these two dogs are living proof.
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[Source: Hones to Paws]
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