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Flight Attendant Begins Her Safety Speech, Within Seconds The Whole Plane Is In Stitches

Traveling can be stressful, especially nowadays. With the long lines, delayed flights, and baggage charges, by the time you step foot on a flight, you're already exhausted. You just want to sit back, relax and enjoy a book or a movie while you propel to your destination. But, before one plane even took off, a flight of passengers witnessed one of the most interesting performances.
A Southwest Airlines flight attendant picked up the microphone to inform her passengers of the onboard safety procedures, but she had more to say than the passengers realized. When she began speaking, the travelers were taken aback. They couldn't believe what they were hearing from the flight attendant, as they've never heard a safety speech like this before.
As the flight attendant continues her speech, passengers are hanging onto every last word. They can't believe what they are hearing, as the hilarious flight attendant performs the unbelievably funny demonstration. Before she is able to finish her speech, the passengers cheer and break out in applause. Not only is her speech creative, it makes the passengers think a little differently about flight attendants. Watch this video to see what the flight attendant said that had the entire plane doubled-over!
[Source: YouTube]
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