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This is what happens inside your body when you eat pork (shocking video)

Some religions in the world forbid the consumption of pork. According to their religion, this meat is considered “unclean”. To be honest, we don’t know if there is any logical explanation behind this at all.
Well, it appears that this religious sentiment towards pork consumption may actually be factual, as there are many medical experiments that can back this up.
Pigs are scavengers by nature. This means that pigs will eat almost anything, including spoiled substances, feces, urine and even harmful growths. The pig’s digestive system is actually incompetent for expelling these harmful poisons from the body. In fact, pigs digest their food in around four hours. This amount of time is not enough to uproot the overload of toxins that were ingested. These harmful poisons are stored in the pig itself, especially in the fat cells and the pig’s organs.
Traditional preparation of pork involved salt-curing followed by smoking to preserve it, or marinating fresh pork in an acidic medium, usually vinegar, prior to cooking. Yet today some people simply cook fresh pork without giving any particular attention to traditional methods of preparation.
According to a medical research, almost 69% (out of around 200 samples) of all crude pork tests were loaded with harmful poisons and microorganisms, known as Yersinia enteroclitica. These harmful microorganisms cam cause many health problems, such as: fever, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, vomiting and cramps.
According to these studies, ground pork was more prone to being spoiled than solid pork. Ground pork also tested positive for different types of contamination, including a “questionable” compound – ractopamine. This harmful compound is banned in Europe and China. The number of these microscopic organisms found in ground pork was startling to say the least and treatment to get rid of these organisms can be very risky.
Pigs are hosts to many different and dangerous parasites, infections and other creatures. Many of these harmful parasites can be transferred to human beings. Here are some of these dangerous parasites and infections:
  • Taenia solium – this is an intestinal parasite, which can cause tissue contamination and loss of appetite.
  • Menangle infection – this terrible infection can bring fever, chills, migraines and sweating.
  • Trichinella – this is a parasitic roundworm. This dangerous roundworm can bring edema, myalgia, fever and malaise.
  • Hepatitis E – it’s a viral irritation, and it can cause nausea, jaundice and weariness. Some severe cases of this condition can cause liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.
According to this study, medical experts have confirmed that if you cook the pork appropriately, you will decrease the danger of these parasites, but there is still a chance that they can survive after being cooked. In case you decide to eat pork meat despite all of this, here are some simple tricks to protect yourselves from all of the harmful toxins and microorganisms contained in pork meat:
  • When you are cooking pork meat, make sure you use a thermometer to guarantee that you will get the appropriate temperature. Make sure the temperature is not bellow 145° F for regular pork, and not bellow 160° F for ground pork.
  • Store raw pork away from other foods and substances.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw pork
  • Buy pork and other meats that aren’t treated with any medications. Buy all-natural pork, from pigs raised without any antibiotics or ractopamine.
  • Make sure you look for a proclamation, regarding antibiotic use. If you see the markings “No anti-infections agents used” it means that these cases with a USDA Process Verified shield are more reliable than the others. Some other labeling, for example “Creature Welfare Approved” or “Certified Humane” only shows the judicious usage of anti-infection agents to treat diseases.
What about organic pasture raised pork?
Organic pork is better for human digestion, but it still contains organisms that can harm our well-being. Well, the field raised pork is exceptionally powerless to Trichinella spiralis contamination, or the so-called “pork worm”. We can easily say that Trichinella is one of the most dangerous parasites in the world and it can cause some serious and intense health problems for all of us. But, don’t worry – Trichinella can be destroyed in the cooking process. You need to make sure that you follow the rules and make sure the meat is cooked right.
We all know that pigs spend their short lives on cement and steel grates. The manufacturers give the anti-microbial with their food and make the gigantic waste even more dangerous. We can easily say that this is the main reason you can notice a CAFO swine operations miles before you even see it. But, in an operation, like Joel Salatin’s – you can’t notice any type of indication. This is because these pigs were raised in all-natural way and they were managed cooperatively.
The standard for all Americans is bringing these creatures up in CAFO farms. It’s kind of shocking fact, but CAFO pork is the main alternative possible for all of us. The consumption of pork meat may be fine, but it’s dangerous though. If you consume it for some it, you will end up in getting some sort of the mentioned diseases.
The disgusting way meat pigs are conventionally raised:
Did you know that almost 97% of all pigs in the United States are brought up in factory farms (CAFO – Concentrated animal feeding operation)? This means that all of these pigs will never get the chance to run on grass, inhale outside air or play in the sun. The pigs are confined and swarmed into stockrooms. They are nourished with an eating regiment, so they can gain weight faster. And they are also fed with medications and anti-infection agents to keep them alive and to support fast development.
The pigs should have enough room to run and enough space to eat and sleep. But in these factory farms, they don’t have the required space – they sleep and rest in their own feces, urine and vomit. We can also say that 1 out of 4 pigs experience the bad side effects of mange – an agonizing rash that doesn’t go away.
Cause of the bad living conditions for the pigs in the factory farms, the pigs are forced to live in terrible conditions and breathe lethal gases, for example – ammonia that originates for the urine and pig’s defecation. This gas damages the pig’s lungs to the point where more than 80% of pigs in the United States have pneumonia at the season of slaughter.
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