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28 Shocking Photos of Post-Crash Helmets Are Powerful Reminders To ALWAYS Wear One

Always wear a helmet. Always wear a helmet. Always wear a helmet.
Seriously. As you’ll see below, it doesn’t matter if you’re skiing, skating, biking, or riding. Wear a helmet.
The abuse these helmets took after crashes means the lives of the people wearing them were spared.
So, at the risk of repeating ourselves: Always wear a helmet.
You’ll see why below.
That goes for construction sites, too.
That faceguard isn’t just for appearances.
Police helmets can save you from bullets.
Now imagine the result with no helmet.
They help you survive windshield encounters.
Even when skiing, these things are lifesavers.
Oh, man…
Road rash on your head can’t be a great feeling.
Bike vs. Wall at fifty MPH
Keep it as a reminder.
Yup, things can get that hairy even when you’re skateboarding.
It gave its life to save yours.
This was an encounter with concrete.
The rider still got a concussion, but…that’s it.
Face first.
Motorcycle vs. Deer. Really.
Dirt biking DEFINITELY requires one.
Looking at the damage done…
In pieces…
Your face wouldn’t look so hot after this.
Without the face guard, this guy’s jaw would have been toast.
Look at the windshield.
Say thanks to your helmet.
The colors wore right off.
An ATV wreck that trashed the helmet.
His sister is still alive because of this helmet.
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