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This Daughter Wanted To Remove Her Hijab and Her Muslim Dad’s Response Has Gone Viral

Seventeen-year-old Lamyaa is from Pennsylvania, but her dad is currently living in Saudi Arabia.
Recently Lamyaa was participating in a group chat started by one of her friends when the subject of Donald Trump came up.
“I personally had very strong views considering the presidency did impact me because I am an Arab, Muslim woman,” she said.
After Lamyaa criticized Trump's policies, a "friend of a friend" in the group chat started spewing hate speech:
Lamyaa said there were mutual friends in the group chat she didn’t know, but she believed the mere fact she was Muslim set this person off.
At this point, most people probably would have gone off on the ignorant dude, but she took the high road and went to the source, texting her dad.
Lamyaa didn’t intend to not wear her hijab. But she texted her dad to gauge his reaction: “I was thinking I want to take my hijab off,” she wrote to him.
This was his wonderful, supportive response:
Lamyaa wanted to share her dad's response publicly to dispel this kind of "mentality" people have toward all Muslim women who wear a hijab, and they instantly went viral.
Twitter is fully supportive.
But not everyone was feeling it. In fact, there were some angered responses from people, and other Muslim women, who pointed out that they don’t feel the same kind of liberties about their hijabs from their parents.
They felt Lamyaa's tweet erased their oppression.
“They misunderstood my tweet, but I do understand their anger,” Lamyaa said in response. “My intention was in no way, shape, or form to speak over or offend anyone.”
“Women — in the Middle East specifically — face oppression but it is due to culture not religion,” she said. “People often mix the two and say the cultural practices are religious practices. That is far from the truth.”
She went on to clarify her message a bit more:
But for the most part, people appreciated the sentiment.
As for Lamyaa, she said she's been in contact with these women who took offense.
“I tweeted some users to tell them that if there is anything I can do to help them that I am here, and that I am so sorry for what they face,” she said.
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