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15 things men DO NOT find attractive in women (OR women in men)

We can agree that both men and women find these things unattractive.
1. Showing lots of skin
Even though many women (and men) have the false idea that you look sexier if you show more skin, it's just not true. The more skin you show, the more desperate you look.
2. Having a dirty mouth
Swearing constantly is not attractive. It may come as a surprise but bad language is not seen as a symbol of rebellion or leadership. Instead, it sounds crass, rude and shows a lack of sophistication - all qualities the love of your life would rather pass by.
3. Talking badly about your family
Talking about how your mother is crazy and saying she never understands anything or mentioning how your brother is a bum, doesn't attract anyone. Speak kindly about the people around you to attract a mate.
4. Being too touchy in public
There's a big difference between sweet kisses in the park and make-out sessions in public. It's understandable that a couple in love will kiss in public, but there are things that should happen out of the public's eye.
5. Having poor hygiene
This goes without saying, but bad breath, dry lips, unbrushed teeth, dirty hair, long fingernails, body odor, dirty or wrinkled clothes or a scruffy beard are all bad ideas if you want to catch a mate.
6. Flirting with another person in front of your date
If you are with someone and then decide to get the attention of another person who you find attractive, don't expect your partner to respect you. No one wants a partner with wandering eyes.
7. Fighting in public
Not being able to control your temper and getting angry in public for any reason is not attractive. In general, not being able to control your temper isn't something most people are looking for in a partner.
8. Only having friends of the opposite sex
This might give the person you like the wrong impression.
9. Wearing too many accessories
Both men and women can be over-accessorized which is not an attractive look. Don't let crazy outfits, wild hair and jewelery distract from your true beauty and personality.
10. Being insecure
Nothing is more tiring and discouraging than being with a woman or man who needs your constant reassurance. Instead, having confidence in yourself will be a trait your future partner loves about you.
11. Being too emotional
Over-the-top crying, laughter or any other emotion does not look good on anyone. Maintaining this rollercoaster of emotions has the ability to drive others away, especially when these emotions are obviously forced.
12. Loving drama
If everything that happens to you sounds like a soap opera, potential dates and friends will learn to just avoid you in general. These dramatic interactions are mentally and emotionally exhausting.
13. Wasting money
If you have the money to live a life full of fancy toys and expensive vacations, go for it. But if you are just pretending to have money, you'll be hard pressed to find a man or woman who wants to be with you.
14. Being selfish
If you are egocentric, you better start changing your ways now (unless you want to be alone forever).
15. Lacking manners
Being disrespectful is not attractive. Your date notices when you don't say "please", "thank you", and "sorry".
Avoid these 15 things if you want to find your lifelong love - don't let bad habits keep you from being happy with someone.
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