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Watch: Here’s What Happens When You Put Trump’s Name on Obama’s Failures

Instead of basing their perceptions of political policies on facts, some millennial snowflakes apparently prefer judging policy prescriptions on personality.
Case in point: When reporters from Campus Reform recently outlined a list of President Donald Trump’s policies to liberal students at George Mason University, the students expressed outright disgust, slamming every single policy as “negative” and — in one case — reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
There was just one tiny problem — all the policies shared by Campus Reform were those of former President Barack Obama, not President Trump. Whoops.
Check out the liberal students’ responses below:
One student said it best: “Knowing that Donald Trump is the one proposing it probably means there’s some turd in the punch bowl somewhere.”
Exactly. The inexplicable hatred people like him feel for our president runs so shockingly deep that they invariably assume the worst about him and his policy proposals, the actual facts notwithstanding.
While astonishing, this type of ignorance has become a mainstay among millennials, i.e., the same “safe space”-loving snowflakes who believe that any speech that offends them must be censored. But as was once noted by renowned conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”
Not surprisingly, many of these young snowflakes loathe Shapiro. When he tried to speak two months ago at California State University, Los Angeles, for instance, snowflakes led by the school’s Black Student Union and Black Lives Matter chapter tried to block other students from attending the event, according to The Daily Signal.
And after the event, Shapiro had to be escorted by authorities from the university due to “safety concerns.”
If it were just a few rugrats here and there displaying such ignorance, then perhaps it might not be a major concern. However, the ignorance observed in Campus Reform’s report has become ubiquitous at colleges throughout the nation, and that’s a big problem that someone — parents, teachers, school officials, Congress or maybe even the president — needs to address.
The sooner the better.
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