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This is Just Amazing! The Whole Anunnaki Story in Very Well Made Cartoons!

The story portrayed in the videos bellow is inspired by the translations of the well-known ancient clay tablets of Sumer, considered by many to be the first ‘human’ civilization.
The Story Of The Anunnaki – Mensageiros Do Vento, The First Opera Rock Cartoon
The entire mini-series explain the story of the Anunnaki “the ones who came from the skies”, as told and translated by the Sumerian tablets.
The film tells the story of the Anunnaki, “those who came from skies to earth”, as told in the Sumerian tablets. Coming from Nibiru, the Anunnaki seek Earth gold to solve the imbalance in the atmosphere of his home planet. And thus they created the human species, by mixing their genes to a native breed, in order to get workers to the gold mines.
But when Nibiru approached, it caused a flood that nearly exterminated humanity, which then immediately faces another serious danger: power struggles among the Anunnaki, culminating in the outbreak of nuclear warfare.
The Episodes Have English Subtitles:
You can watch all 28 episodes HERE.
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