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Heal The Cracked Heels With 1 Incredible Method That Really Works

Cracked heels can be cured with this amazing method and this problem is common with all older people, but usually those over 30 and older people as well.
  • 1 cup of medicinal alcohol 75%
  • 10 aspirin pills, 300 mg
Preparation and use:
Crush the pills and put them in a glass. Then add the alcohol 1 cup. Close with a lid to stay like this for 2 days.
Each night shake this up and after two days get a gauze and dip it into it. Put the gauze on your heels and secure this with a plastic wrap, then put on the socks. Let it stand overnight.
When you get up, wash your feet with warm water and dry them. Then apply glycerin cream.
The results are striking after 10 treatments.

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