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The World is Obsessed With This Woman’s Feet — And It’s Pretty Easy To Understand Why

There’s a never-ending stream of weirdness flowing across the internet. From Amazon products that will give you nightmares to mysterious “eggs” from another planet, the world wide web is positively bursting with never-before-seen oddities.
But one Taiwanese woman just broke all the records for Weirdest Thing on the Internet. And when you see it, you’ll understand.
As you read, keep in mind that this woman posted the photos you’re about to see herself. As unusual as she knows this is, she just couldn’t help but share it!
Since posting images to the Chinese-based blog Dcard, the world has been totally amazed by this woman’s strange “finger toes.” At first glance, this may look like an image of her hands, but the one on the right is actually her foot!
This college student from Taiwan explained that, ever since she was a child, people couldn’t help but notice her when she wore open-toed shoes. They appeared so fascinated with her feet that it was as if she was an animal.
As unfortunate as it is that her “finger toes” sometimes draw so much unwanted attention, one has to assume that she has great balance. Sometimes, she uses her toes to grab the remote while watching television!
This particular photo makes it more clear that these are, indeed, toes, as unusual as they may be. It’s also good to know that this woman posted these photos herself. She probably wouldn’t have done so if she was too embarrassed by them!
It should be noted, of course, that this woman’s feet are actually remarkably similar to those of primates like monkeys, who have long, flexible toes that allow them to climb trees and grab objects more easily.
Not only that, but while this woman may be an extreme case, studies show that approximately one in 13 humans have “monkey feet” that are especially adapted for climbing around, similar to our silly, furry ancestors!
Most humans have stiff ligaments in their feet that keep them rigid. Some people are lucky enough to have softer ligaments, though, which help them bend their feet in the middle, as well as bending at the ball of the foot.
As surprisingly common as these long, flexible toes may be, there’s no denying that this college student from Taiwan remains an extreme case. It really is difficult to distinguish her toes from regular human fingers from certain angles!
Hey, everyone should learn from this woman that accepting your differences is a good thing. Now, the question remains: does she wear toe socks or gloves? The world may never know…
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[Source: Boredom Therapy]
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