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6 Differences Between a Man That Truly Loves You and a Man Who Only Ruins Your Life!

Relationships are an important part of people’s lives. Women can spend a lot of their lives looking for the right man: understanding, kind, romantic and most important of all is that it is loving. However, this is very difficult for some because they do not know when it is real love and when they are simple illusions.
Most women have a voice inside them that gives them clues as to whether what they have with their partner is true love or not. When that voice is not silent, an alarm is raised that allows them to discover whether they are living a fantasy or a reality of love. And, at that moment the woman usually begins to wonder if the whole relationship makes sense or not.
When these questions begin to probe the head, there is a very specific one to which attention should be paid: Am I with this person for the right reasons? If a relationship is based on love, there is no reason to doubt the reasons why you are with that person. Today we will show you 6 differences that will help you see the light in your relationship.
Differences Between Love And Poisoning In A Relationship
Many times women fall in love with an idea or an illusion and then realize that the person they are with is not what they believed or imagined. The fantasies of love are very dangerous for the mental and emotional health of women.
Today we will show you 6 differences so that you can discover what kind of man you have next to you. With these you will learn to differentiate between a man who truly loves you and a man who is only poisoning and damaging your life. Pay close attention and improve your life!
  1. Encouraging vs. Controller: A man who truly loves encourages his partner to try out new experiences, show him new things to try, but he will never want to force her to do something that is not comfortable for the woman. The man who does not love wants to keep his partner tied to his decisions.
  2. Tolerant vs. Disrespectful: The man who truly loves gives his opinions with respect and values what you think. On the contrary, if a man does not love you he will tell you that your opinions are not important and will always say that you are wrong.
  3. Tender vs. Tight: A tender man is one who sends messages and treats with affection without controlling every second of your life. However, there are some men who want to be 24/7 in your life, those have emotional problems and are in the relationship more for them than for you.
  4. Honest vs. Cruel: Honesty is an important quality in the man you love, because it will say what your partner needs to hear, for example if a pair of pants does not fit your body well he will say it with affection. The man who is poisoning your life will address you cruelly, insulting you and even mistreating your self-esteem.
  5. Interested vs. Serious: Men often talk to their partners according to their time, they are not very expressive especially if the relationship is beginning. But, if you already have time together and he only talks to you when it suits you then there is no love on his part.
  6. Protector vs. Possessive: A man in love and who really loves tries to protect his partner from anyone who represents a danger, or any risk situation. However, you have to be alert with those men who do not let their partner leave alone or have friends because it is not love is possession.
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